What not to take to school for “show and tell”…


A story for my son of what too take to school for “Show and Tell”,


This is a true example of my son Jordan … now would he do such a thing yes indeed he would…

For example – here I am many many years ago not I tell you know lie i get a call from the schools head master and what do you think he has taken to school with him…for show and tell?

Nope not a vibrator or double ended donga, nor a robot version of Brad Pitt with attitude..

He takes drum role professional pictures of me taken by a photographer full frontal, rear ended lovely butt magic.. and many, many purvey worthy pictures of my ass my ver jay jay..

Now, you see No picture of me (my face) part from what do you think?

A face on another women’s body.. now here I am walking up to the head masters purvy office to be what??

So, I knock and notice there are 5 teachers.. 3 men.. 2 women…

and me….

Now, how do you think i handled this beautiful earth moving bullshit moment… with poise, sassiness, tone of sarky regress to a eye contact at my fellow bitches who i might add looked 103

I then said, so, my son took my professional pictures for show and tell.. to what?

When did you realism this was obscene?

I must say i was a lot younger when I took my first moment of realizing my future after i read full on color of what a encyclopedia the women was full breasted (which was not something i was blessed with) however, every women in my entire family was.. which did not include me…

My father said, so, Fifi, Joseph come visit you in the evening while you slept?

I said dad what the hell?

He said well he is the carpenter and who else sands back the breast of a piece of smooth flat wood

After that roaring laughter of my dad at me.. he does love his own jokes..

Anyway, where was I….. oh yes, Jordan took my naked yet stylish BDSM ASS to school for show and tell, oh I didn’t say I had a theme, thats right.. anyways, it was obviously done at 9am and my call was not until the end of the day.. so after many hours of passing it around the table at lunch and obviously examined by every staff member possible

I received my pictures back…

Said my goodbyes and turned while saying “good thing my collection of home porn was not for show and tell.. because then you would have a few children asking there mum is that where you stick a daddies penis in to have children..

just a warning to parents…hide your naked pictures and porn in the roof because mine was high and needed a very long ladder to get down..

goes to show that kids will do anything to get anything when the parents are not home


Even though this maybe inappropriate this is an example of what he took too school

BTW.. i was kidding about the porn….never did one..but, before you think, thank god, guess what it is on the cards.. 

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Why it is important to have Values…

Core values are what supports the vision of your mind, body, people you meet how you interact with them and more importantly the reasons why you choose what you do for you.

They are the essence of your identity – their principles, beliefs and philosophies as you loose yourself within yourself having amazing conversations of life and how living on this earth can be such an amazing journey.

Many people focus mostly on the technical competencies but often forget the underlying competencies that make their lives run smoothly.

When our actions and words are aligned with our values, life is generally good and we feel content, confident and satisfied.

But when our behaviors don’t match-up with our values, we soon begin to sense an uneasiness that begins to swell and grow inside of us.

What are important values in life?

These values that I am about to share with you Jordan, are mine that work for me however, this is only a guide for you it is up to you to find your own values.

So for other people out in the blogging life I will share the most important for me to live by and the ones I want to pass along to my child and everyone in my life:

  • Appreciation of your one’s self is the first value because if you cannot appreciate then why do you do what you do!
  • Open belief that your not alone you must understand like minded like you are definitely similar to you what you feel, how you can think so openly? open belief is a beautiful value to hold and cherish and for me it is the window of so many beautiful and fun thoughts!
  • Caring nature why do you do what you do?   is it because you want to share something, provide a service or perhaps this is a question for you to answer. Self pride in your work?  So, be wary that what you do and never allow another to affect your mind in a negative aspect however, use it think about it and always view it with a thought of positive – remember my love a positive mind is a healthy mind that has always been my motto, what is your’s?
  • Commitment, this word is a good one for you for many reasons this is built within your inner soul and for a good reason!
  • Compassion, this includes the word above remember Jordan, your inner beliefs comes from you however, you must open your mind to look at where this strong values comes from…
  • Cooperation – Even the most complex tasks (at work, at home, within a family circle) anything we put our minds to can be made simpler when we focus on the solutions – together. (team work)
  • Courtesy – Be aware – The next time you are approaching a door and someone is ten steps or so behind you, wait just one second longer before walking through. Instead hold the door for that one second. It’s amazing how something that can happen in a blink of an eye can carry so much lasting value.
  • Dedication.  This value is inbuilt in yours and mine it is our strength and your word that you live by this is why you do what you do… in my opinion if I will say without hesitation regarding you sweetheart so what does that mean to you? You can think about this value and take all the time in the world beautiful boy…Remember this though when you do..No matter how the circumstances may change, unless you are in a physically or emotionally negative  situation, stay the course and never give up. I would rather be called a failure than a loser. Losers give up when things become too difficult. Failures are folks who have just not found success – but will. So, call me a failure if you like, because it implies I haven’t stop trying and I never will!
  • Devotion – Some days are just naturally better than others. It’s the same way in our interpersonal relationships and in our faith. Things can get unstable at times, but staying devoted to a cause or to a person through the uncertain times is our rock to grasp when our faith and our foundation is shaky
  • Effort – No matter the outcome, there is always value in the effort when the effort is authentic and well-intended.
  • Forgiveness – this word is priceless, selfless and comes from your heart first – so firstly  you must forgive yourself first to be able to only forgive those that do not have the same or similar  value..what does that mean to you? to help you a bit… When you forgive, you are better able to let go of the past and keep moving forward with your life with a clearer understanding (this value is selfless and should never be used for selfish reasons, this is “our shared value” & as time goes past you will understand just how hard this value truly means to you!”)

  • Friendship – Oh, this beautiful and treasured word… Friends support us and they provide an unfiltered view of our actions when asked. Friends sustain us through difficult periods and join us for the events we celebrate. Remember quantity isn’t about having many it is however, about having those that value you with a similar view, like if you wish effortless without stress!
  • Gratitude. It is with a grateful heart that helps me to see so much abundance in my life. My value of gratitude reminds me that what I have today can be taken away tomorrow and that I will also never give up because that is who I really am
  • Honesty.  This is my most treasured value… I will tell you a hidden secret with understanding how important this value is to me… If you ever tell a story about yourself remember to tell the truth because the truth is what you live by it is effortless and it holds many areas of an untold story… (a lie cannot be remembered! it holds nothing but, bullshit) 

  • Hope – Hope is the fuel that keeps us moving forward when we are the most tired.
  • Integrity –What defines our character and our integrity is not measured by what happens to us but rather by how we react and respond to what happens to us. (this is your value alone so next time someone says what they think this word means make sure they live a selfless and caring life of forgiveness when using this word in a sentence – a very important spiritual word to use)  Ted – Video worth a watch

  • Listening – Amazing word and difficult one to do! next time when someone talks to you about themselves watch how quick you are to interact with them! then try and stop your mouth by talking! not so easy, however, this value will serve you extremely well in life if you allow yourself to understand this amazing value!

  • Love. The presence of love in our life, the love we have for our families, our friends, our faith and for ourselves, is the single most important source of light and energy we can tap into when we have the need to be filled-up; or when we see the need to fill someone else up with grace, hope and our love

  • Patience. Patience is a value which can also improve productivity because it creates a better state of mind, a clearer state of mind, for better decision making.
  • Respect. We are all different, yet we are all the same in the sense we want to be respected for how we think and believe. When we show the proper respect we are not only validating the other person’s dignity, we are also enhancing our own.

Now this is my quote to you with my eternal love,

Your Mother xxx

So, even though I may have put my ideals above you of course could and I would hope you would state okay, perhaps yes, but, definitely not me… that is okay, I have only given you the above as a example of what I think, now that is exactly what it is… what I only know about me so, it is now up to you.. ask this to yourself if you wish too and of course you don’t have too (no judgement)

  • What are your Values now?
  • How are they present in your life now?
  • Do you understand values? and Do you think your life so far has them in your current life?
  • Could you pick one above that is significant to you now? And why?
  • If you had 3wishes what would you want more to make you happy?



How important is Self Worth

Well, it is the most valuable asset a person can hold dear to them and more.

Image result for self worth

We must be very aware how important it is to not repeat bad behaviors to our children especially if we found it ourselves to make us feel less than our own worth.

This will appear it’s ugly head and as a parent I must say I had thought I did my best in trying desperately to make my son self sufficient and independent as a male child and me as his mother that made a decision to benefit him not cripple him.

However, we must also understand that being a parent doesn’t come with instructions, help line or a 000 number that has many consultants that will help you when you accidentally drop your child’s ego and smash it into millions of pieces all because of an adults behavior…

Did anyone pick up that last error?

By the way I never did any of that its a expression of what the future can hold for him as he grows or perhaps understands and bonds with girls, ladies, women that could give him a bit a lip… not to over annalist, critise, blame and finger point little ones all because husbands , wives don’t want to understand or at least take part blame with what they bring to the table of life..

“Never, ever use children as a tool for your own inner demons or another adults inability to commit”, that is unfair and they will blame themselves even if they say they wont.


Either way everything matters to those growing little ones and I must say it is important to value each little person you make with another that we also must give thanks to those that should have been here because mistakes can cost you a lonely path to walk when they leave or in my case unfortunately, taken a little earlier than they should have been.

I did try very hard not too however, someone has to look like the devil and it seemed like I had the card a lot during my entire life… I guess I am used to being blamed not ashamed of that yet an unfair disadvantage due to others not able to take in or breath a little and grow from saying well, that isn’t quite true..

How wonderful is our planet dont you think?

So much to learn and understand however, I have noticed something very odd and that is we are a society based on a lot of sadness, selfishness, and lack of understanding in developing tools to help those that have been traumatized and hurt.

Some children hurt a little longer than others and we must be mindful of them because those children love deeply, give their whole heated soul and they will love you unconditionally because they truly believe in being happy by thinking they can help you get better by being closer to that adult or parent that lacks a bit of empathy.

Well, guess what, children, be a little selfish yourself this will be difficult behavior to learn but, a valuable superpower, never blame yourself because your a little child and let it go and have a amazing adventure….

Because your parents are not your worry so let them know you love them and care about them but do not have enough life experiences to help yourself and then walk away when your ready without guilt, that feeling of less that worthy.. do not give them this power it is yours to use when you require it and if you ever need help from another person search your soul for those that deserve you and not something your parents taught you … it didn’t work bless them but,  be real kids…

Your worth more within an inch of your traumatized life…. and enjoy every moment with a smile and a skip in your walk and live without fear…